Scraping Backlinks With Advance Google Search Operators and Python

In Googio’s Useful Google Advanced Search Operators For SEO we discuss how to identify and find gust post backlinking opportunities. One tactic to quickly find high Domain Authority sites that have a history of linking to pages discussing your keyword is using advance Google search operators. The same method can be used to find your competitors’ backlinks. The manual process is covered in-depth by guides found at Googio’s SEO Blog.

Useful Google Advanced Search Operators For SEO

Google is the most advanced search engine and one of the best tools for digital marketing. There are some operators for advanced Google searching that can help you gain insight into search engine optimization (SEO) opportunities that wouldn’t be possible with basic searches. This guide will show you some advanced search techniques and methods of using advance Google search operators as a SEO technique.

How To Easily Validate Startup Ideas

The first step in building a startup is validating the idea. It is a huge risk building a product without know if there are demand for it. The easiest and cheapest way to validate a start up idea is always cold email people at first. However, from my experience cold emails without context get low response rate. This is a step by step guide to get better leads, and early opinions on any project idea.

How To Create a Google SERP Checker in Python

The goal of SEO is to get your website to the top of the search engine. One excellent way of tracking SEO progress is by checking the Search engine result pages (SERPs) of a website.

How To Scrape Google With Python

Ever since Google Web Search API deprecation in 2011, I’ve been searching for an alternative. I need a way to get links from Google search into my Python script. So I made my own, and here is a quick guide on scraping Google searches with requests and Beautiful Soup.

Welcome to Jekyll!

You’ll find this post in your _posts directory. Go ahead and edit it and re-build the site to see your changes. You can rebuild the site in many different ways, but the most common way is to run jekyll serve, which launches a web server and auto-regenerates your site when a file is updated.