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Google is the most advanced search engine and one of the best tools for digital marketing. There are some operators for advanced Google searching that can help you gain insight into search engine optimization (SEO) opportunities that wouldn’t be possible with basic searches. This guide will show you some advanced search techniques and methods of using advance Google search operators as a SEO technique.


This operator will help you find pages with a certain words in the URL.

Example: inurl: apple


Find pages with specified words in the title.

Example: intitle: review


This will return the most recent cached version of a webpage. This is useful for finding the page which was last crawled

Example: cache:


This limits the results from a specific website.

Example: site:


Restrict results to those of a certain filetype. E.g., JPEG, PNG, GIF, PDF, DOCX, TXT, PPT, etc.

Example: filetype:pdf samsung

These are some of my favourite operators to use. You can combine these operators to get some powerful results.

  1. Find guest post opportunities

    You can find posting opportunities by combining intitle for gust posting.

    Example: (intitle:”write for us” | intitle:”become a contributor” | intitle:”guest-post”) tech reviews

    Google SERPs showing results for finding post opportunities

  2. Find resource page opportunities

    Resource pages list the best resources for a particular topic. These are excellent places to pitch your site to be included.

    Example: github intitle:”resource”

    Google SERPs resource link opportunities

  3. Find internal linking opportunities

    It is useful to add cross links between your blog post when relevant.

    Example: python

    /Google SERPs showing results for cross link opportunities

  4. Find public relations opportunities used by competitor

    Our competitor is SerpApi and RapidApi

    Example: python

    /Google SERPs showing results for finding competitor links

  5. Find sponsored post opportunities

    Sponsored posts are paid-for posts that can be use for promoting your brand, product or service. This resource is useful for getting your brand in front of the right audience.

    Example: iPhone review intext:”sponsored post”

    Google SERPs showing results for finding sponsored post opportunities

  6. Find question and answer threads related to your content

    Forums and Q+A sites are excellent places for promoting content.

    Example: intitle:”search engine”

    Google SERPs showing results for finding question and answers posting opportunities

  7. Find sites linking to competitors

    Get competitors links.

    Example: link:

    Google SERPs showing results for finding competitors links

This advance Google search operators list is powerful if used correctly. The above examples are especially useful for SEO. However these advance operators come at a cost. After a few queries with Google advance search operators you will be faced with CAPTCHAs. This will get annoying real fast. If you plan on making a lot of advance searches I recommend Google Search API for bulk searches. Googio provides a service for unlimited Google Search without the annoying CAPTCHAs.